The PIETY project began in November 2005 with the aim of providing the local community with a variety of support and services in addition to contributing to the general well-being of society.

We set up a madrassa which teaches Arabic, Qur’an recitation and Islamic studies at the weekends.

We began citizenship courses, English language courses, IT training and Islam awareness training.

We engage the youth and work with our partners to provide counselling, drug rehabilitation and family support.

We also started implementing schemes aimed at the wider society including looking after the elderly and organising street cleaning initiatives.

In order to effectively provide these services PIETY needed a Centre which could house these various activities. An ideal building was identified in the heart of Plymouth we began an appeal to support the project and in early 2008 managed to acquire the building.

Plymouth Islamic Education Trust (PIETY) is a relatively a sizable Muslim community organisation located in Plymouth, Devon, UK anchoring the true vision of Islam within the community by commandeering the cause of the common good and acting as intermediaries between diverse communities promoting cultural and religious awareness, based around our integrated, innovative and sustainable centres in and around the world.

Plymouth is a city with a long and historic past, rooted in Briton’s maritime tradition, a home town of a number of prominent people like sir Drake, Lady Astor the first women MP in the UK, Derriford Teaching Hospital now doubling as a regional hospital and University teaching college, University college of St. Mark, Marjons, University of Plymouth with a fair share of the Muslim students in the UK and thus we are primarily a student and migrant community. While majority of the community members are students, refugees and asylum seekers, a significant portion of the community works for the Hospital, council, Navy, University as faculty staff, or have other businesses in town. Our weekly Jumah prayer is attended by several hundred’s Muslims.


It was on the hills of Plymouth that one of iconic moments in British history took place. Sir Francis Drake spotted the Spanish Armada and coolly finished his game of bowls, before going on to defeat the Spanish, the evil empire of its time. It was here that another ship set sail, the “Mayflower”, for the New World with the puritan Pilgrim fathers who’s landing in Cape Cod is commemorated by another empire (of sorts) in Thanksgiving.