The PIETY centre is a place for all people, providing services, training and activities including among others:

  • The purpose built madrassa accommodating classes in Arabic, Qur’an recitation and Islamic studies,
  • Prayer halls for both men and women,
  • Regular Islamic study circles and classes for both brothers and sisters,
  • The imam who is fully conversant in the English language and customs,
  • Funeral services including washing facilitation,

Community Services

  • There is a youth department dealing with issues that affect the young people of Plymouth
  • Help people integrate into the society by providing advice, English language training for beginners, citizenship courses, IT training and business and enterprise start up schemes.
  • Outreach services with school or college visits answering questions about Islam and Muslims
  • For those who have recently embraced Islam, the centre is a place to come to liaise with other people, exchange ideas, ask questions and use resources,
  • A cafe where people can come and socialise with others in the community,
  • Seminars and lectures in how to get involved in community based activities
  • A play space for toddlers
  • Strengthening links with local authorities and other service providers in delivering support to the elderly and young people. In regards to the former, we get involved in providing help in their homes taking care of their general welfare. With regards to the Youth, we focus on the confronting some of the issues young people face for example problems at school, academic underachievement and peer pressure.


PIETY is worship

A major part of the centre is of course a dedicate mosque area, set aside for the five daily prayers and for the Friday Jummah prayer. Our imams are well acquainted not only with the Quran and noble Sunnah, but also fully conversant with UK culture and the particular needs and problems facing Muslims that make Islam relevant to all, especially the youth, as well as being able to articulate the religion to those outside the faith.


Friday Prayer

The centre is open for Jumah at 12:00hrs

Jummah prayers begins at 13:00hrs

The centre remains open until after Isha on Fridays.

The centre is open for prayers also on Saturday and Sunday (See prayer’s timetable)

Contact (+44) 1752 30 30 03 or Text 07800879480 for more information.


PIETY comes with knowledge

Teaching the essentials and details of Islam, Arabic, memorisation and reading of the Quran is an on-going activity for many years. With the centre and a full time imam the scope for this has been increased. A library and homework club and controlled access to the internet are part of what PIETY provides, as well as courses for new and newly practicing Muslims, with lectures and extended seminars on a wide range of subjects.

Qur’an and Arabic School: A small voluntary fee per child per term is paid, with concessions to those who can not afford it.

PIETY is community

Community cohesion is not only a buzz word for PIETY, it is an intrinsic part of what being a Muslim in UK should be about, and part of the services PIETY provides is helping new arrivals who come to Plymouth with advice, citizenship courses, English Language and IT courses and business and enterprise start up schemes. PIETY has always been involved in Inter faith dialogue and is already a participant in the Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural Diversity and the famous Plymouth Respect festival. In addition to provide information and cultural and Islamic awareness training for those who help cater for the needs of the Muslim community.

PIETY helps

Care for the elderly and sick, engaging the youth, visiting those in prison and helping those less fortunate is personally and collectively part of what PIETY does. Having a centre has allowed PIETY to extend and co-ordinate these services adding advocacy and legal advice, as well as regular meetings with politicians, councillors and the Police with whom PIETY have managed through the grace of Allah, to establish excellent relations.


In addition to that, we organise a wide variety of activities for Muslims and non-Muslims in the area. These include activities such as weekly lessons, weekend workshops, Masjid open house, on-site programs for learning about Islam and Muslims, community service programs, etc.

For more information about the types of programs we conduct, please explore our website at you may also explore Plymouth Islamic Community University and Colleges Muslim Students’ Association’s websites. For a slightly greater insight to our community life, you may explore local newspapers at