Schools plan visits as part of their religious education curriculum and academics visit for historical and research purposes.

We are able to organise group visits for up to a maximum of 20-30 persons and usually last 1 hour. Our Faith speaker  provide the following:

  • A tour of the Mosque and Centre
  • The history and the role of the Mosque and Centre
  • The purpose of the Imam
  • A basic understanding of Islam
  • Questions & Answers

Dress Code

PIETY Centre welcomes visitors from all backgrounds.

Visitors are kindly asked to observe the following dress code:

  • Users and visitors are asked to dress modestly.
  • Avoid see-through, revealing or low-cut clothing.
  • Shorts are not allowed. Skirts and dresses should reach below the knees.
  • Hirers are responsible for ensuring their guests/invitees are aware of and comply with this Dress Code.

Visits  should be by arrangement. Shoes should be taken off at the point of entry. Women visiting the male prayer hall should wear a headscarf or similar.

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